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Lehigh Valley System Map Box Car

Lehigh Valley #20002 Millenium Series Box Car

The Lehigh Valley "Main Line of...System Map" 40' Steel Boxcar stock number 20002, was released by Bev-Bel in January of 1999 as the second in the Millenium Series of unique and special release rolling stock. This extremely limited production run sold out in a very short time. As is true with the prototype, this Lehigh Valley 40' Steel Boxcar was released in the only car number which existed in this one-of-a kind scheme. The previuos versions of this car ( stock numbers 326, 326-1 and 326-2) were run without car numbers and with all black printing. Further research of prototype photographs reveal that this car did have end numbers only, was painted with white sides, black roof and ends, and had black printing for the railroad name and route map, with the city names printed in red. This car was produced by Collectors Corner for the Bev-Bel Corp. with all new artwork, correctly painted and printed as per the protoype.

Bev-Bel Corp., formerly of Cresskill, New Jersey, was founded in 1956 by Irvin & Beverly Belkin. Bev-Bel produced limited runs of roadnames and schemes not generally produced by the major model railroad manufacturers, along with special-appeal rolling stock such as Holdiay, Americana and Mexicana Models® series. Each production run featured its own distinct cab and car numbers.